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Ashoka Industries manufactures all kinds of tankers for storing Water, Chemicals, Milk, High Viscous Liquids and Gases. We manufacture best quality tankers only, as our mission is to provide India the highest quality and long-lasting products. We have supplied over One Thousand tankers to Uttar Pradesh government alone.

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Ashoka Industries

Established in 1986, is India’s leading ISI Mark Hand Pumps manufacturer that has been awarded various certificates for quality and consistency. We are determined to minimize economic water scarcity by providing water to people living in water-scarce areas, we have supplied over One Million hand pumps in India alone and still working hard to achieve our determination.

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Our products are of best quality at provided price, they are also certified by ISI. You can have a look at our ISI license here.
Our team works hard to create heavy duty products that could literally last for decades with minimum maintenance.
Our products are Eco friendly, all are products are recyclable, we dispose are waste properly. No harm to environment is done is anyway.
We are more like social workers, our only concern is to provide people their basic needs. This is why is products are sold at cheapest price possible in order to provide water to maximum people.
Ashoka Industries have supplied over one million hand pumps, you will find our hand pumps installed throughout India.
Although our products are so robust that they never fail, we still provide replacement warranty with all are products.

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