U3 Modified Deep Well Hand Pump

U3 Modified Deep Well Hand Pump
U3 Modified Deep Well Hand Pump Structure


The U3M pump is a conventional lever action hand pump. The configuration includes an open top cylinder, i.e. the piston can be removed from the cylinder without dismantling the rising main. The footvalve is retractable with a fishing tool. The riser pipes are made of u-PVC. The pump rods are of stainless steel or glass fibre reinforced plastic, allowing simple removal. The pump head has similar configurations as the INDIA Mark III, the “down hole components” are similar to Afridev components. The cylinder follows the Afridev configuration. The plunger uses the 50 mm open top India MKIII brass design. This pump is fully corrosion resistant.

Technical data

Cylinder Diameter (mm) 50
Maximum Stroke (mm) 150
Approx. Discharge at About 75 Watt Input m3/h
At 10m Head 1.2
at 15m Head 1.0
at 20m Head 0.8
at 30m Head 0.6
Pumping Lift (m) 10 – 45
Population Served (nos.) 300
Households (nos.) 30
Water Consumption (LPCD) 15 – 20
Type of Well Borehole


Pump Head Galvanized Steel
Handle Galvanized Steel
Pump Stand Galvanized Steel
Pump Rods SS or FRP
Rising Main U-PVC Pipe 63 mm
Pump Cylinder U-PVC Pipe with Brass Liner( 50 mm)
Plunger / Foot Valve Brass / Plastic

Local manufacturing

All “above ground components” and steel parts of this pump have a potential for local manufacturing. The other parts need a high degree of quality control to ensure a reliable production. Local companies who manufacture u-PVC pipes are able to produce the rising main. The cost of the tooling requirement is substantial and therefore the number of manufacturer will be limited.


The installation of the U3M Pump is not difficult and does not need any lifting equipment.


This pump has an excellent “Community Management Potential”, it is reliable, easy to repair by a village caretaker and popular with the communities. Few tools are needed for all repairs.

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