Extra Deep Well Hand Pump

Extra Deep Well Hand Pump
Extra Deep Well Hand Pump Structure


The Extra Deep Well Hand Pump is a conventional lever action handpump and is subject to Indian Standard IS:13287-1992. These pump has similar configurations as the INDIA Mark II, are exclusively used for extracting water from greater depths. These pumps are suitable for static water levels varying between 45 to 90metres where placement of cylinders can be between 50 to 85 metres. The inner dia of the borewell, where these pumps are installed, should not be less than 100mm. only the “down hole components” were changed. The most important improvement is the “cylinder”, which63.5mm I.D./380 mm long cast iron cylinder body fitted with brass liner having C.I. (Cast iron) caps threaded to hold 32mm NB pipe. 3 Nos. Nitrile pump bucket and 500mm plunger rod. This pump is not corrosion resistant and should not be used in areas with aggressive water (pH value < 6.5).

Technical data

Cylinder Diameter (mm) 63.5
Maximum Stroke (mm) 127
Approx. Discharge at About 75 Watt Input m3/h
at 10m Head 1.8
at 15m Head 1.3
at 20m Head 1.0
at 25m Head 0.9
at 30m Head 0.8
Pumping Lift (m) 10 – 30
Population Served (nos.) 300
Households (nos.) 30
Water Consumption (LPCD) 15 – 20
Type of Well Borehole


Pump head Galvanized Steel
Handle Galvanized Steel
Pump stand Galvanized Steel
Pump rods Galvanized Steel
Riser pipes Galvanized Iron
Pump cylinder Cast Iron / Brass
Plunger / Foot Valve Brass


The installation of the Extra Deep Well Hand Pump needs well-trained area mechanics or a mobile team with lifting tackle and comprehensive tool kit. Pump cylinder settings of more than 50 to 85m.


This pump has an improved Community Management Potential” compared to the INDIA Mark II, because the “open top cylinder” gives the possibility of a simpler maintenance with less tools involved.

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