Bush Pump

Bush Pump
Bush Pump Structure


The Bush Pump is a conventional lever action hand pump. The typical feature of this pump is the “Hardwood block” that acts as both a bearing and lever mechanism. The pump stand is of painted mild steel and the handle is a galvanized GI pipe. The “down hole components” consist of Ø50 mm (NB) GI pipe for the rising main, pump rods of Ø16 mm galvanized mild steel, brass footvalve and cylinder (Ø75 mm), bronze plunger with leather seals. This pump is not corrosion resistant and should not be used in areas with aggressive water (pH value < 6.5).

Technical data

Cylinder Diameter (mm) 75
Maximum Stroke (mm) 200– 250
Approx. discharge at about 75 Watt input m3/h
at 10 m head 1.4
at 15 m head 1.1
at 25 m head 0.8
at 30 m head 0.7
Pumping Lift (m) 5 – 50
Population Served (nos.) 300
Households (nos.) 30
Water Consumption (LPCD) 15 – 20
Type of Well Borehole or Dugwell


Pump Stand Painted Steel
Handle Galvanized Steel Pipe
Bearing Block Hardwood
Pump Rods Galvanized Steel
Riser Pipes Galvanized Iron Pipe
Pump Cylinder Brass
Plunger / Foot Valve Bronze / Brass


The installation of the Bush Pump needs well trained area mechanics. Lifting tackle is only used for deep applications and for large size “open top cylinders”. No special tools are needed.


The pump with the Standard configuration has a limited Community Management Potential”, but it is reliable and popular with the community. The “open top cylinder version” gives the possibility of a simpler maintenance.


Besides the “Standard” configuration, there exists an “Open Top Cylinder” version with different cylinder sizes (Ø50 mm/Ø63.5 mm/Ø75 mm). To make maintenance easy, pump rods with casehardened hook and eye connectors are also available.

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