Force Lift Hand Pump

Force Lift Hand Pump


It is desired since long that the basic class children particularly of villages should be provided neat and clean environment in and around the school and for this proper sanitation of schools toilets is the first requirement, which have been neglected so far due to water shortage/storage problem any programme of hygienic toilets is not implemented effectively. The UNICEF designed Superflow force lift hand pumps are really very effective to improve the sanitation of the school’s toilets by solving the water shortage and storage. The Superflow force lift hand pumps have minor modification in comparison of Deep Well India Mark II hand pump leading to storage of the quantity of water which is normally wasted when any child drinks water from out let of Deep Well India Mark II hand pump. The quantity of such water instead of its wastage now can be stored in a overhead tank constructed on top of toilet. The capacity of the water storage tank is up to 1000 liters. How ever even the reduce quantity of the water can also be stored and supplied in toilets, the entire operation is without any use of electricity and other external power. The use of Superflow force lift hand pumps have eliminated the age old system of carrying water for cleaning purpose while going to toilets.

This has created new awareness amongst the children about hygiene and the availability of this excess quantity of water is also being utilized by children for gardening. Although it is a very small beginning but significant progress is being maintained by gradual increase in use of the Superflow force lift hand pumps in all over India and also very popular in Africa and Latin America. In due course of time as these pumps installation spreads it will certainly prove to be a mile stone in respect of creating neat and clean toilet facilities and pollution free environment around the schools.

Forcelift Handpump Training Programme

This is a video showing Forcelift Handpump Training Programme that was held in our factory. The whole purpose of this training programme was to spread awareness about benefits of ForceLift hand pumps over traditional hand pumps.

Salient features

The Superflow Force Lift hand pumps is a alternative version of Deep Well India Mark II hand pump wherein the water tank spout is threaded and added a modified third plate including gland box and gland plate and gland rings are fitted in the gland box to stop leakage of water, one rubber gasket is sandwiched between the water tank and third plate.
A plunger rod of stainless steel 12 x 1.75 x 450 mm length is jointed with existing connecting rod and this plunger rod will move inside the gland ring to stop the leakage of water similar like mechanical seal. As the plunger rod is made of high quality stainless steel which is having a longer life instead of ms connecting rod. By adding external arrangement with the threaded spout of the water tank, water will be stored in the overhead tank. The installation of Superflow Force Lift hand pumps are very simple, which will be provided by the ordinary person,there after maintenance is also as simple as installation and spare are easily available for replacement whatever salient feature were already included there in Deep Well India Mark II hand pumps those are already installed in the Superflow Force Lift hand pumps installation the installation of Superflow Force Lift hand pumps are almost similar to Deep Well India Mark II hand pump except certain minor changes effecting the internal construction of the pump and for carrying water to be storage in overhead tank only external arrangement and pipe fitting is provided by any men women and mechanic.


The life of a Superflow Force Lift hand pump is 35 to 40 years. The internal rubber components, moving parts inside cylinders, ball bearing, chain and axle are required to be changed if they are found defective.


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