India Mark III Deep Well Hand Pump (VLOM-65 & VLOM-50)

India Mark III Deep Well Hand Pump (VLOM-65 & VLOM-50)
Deep Well Hand Pump VLOM-65 (India Mark III Ø65mm Cylinder) Structure


The INDIA Mark III Pump is a conventional lever action handpump and is subject to Indian Standard IS 13056. This pump has similar configurations as the INDIA Mark II, only the “down hole components” were changed in order to improve the village level maintenance. The most important improvement is the “open top cylinder”, which makes it possible to remove the plunger and also the footvalve without lifting the cylinder and the rising main (Ø65 GI pipe). This pump is not corrosion resistant and should not be used in areas with aggressive water (pH value < 6.5).

Technical data

Cylinder Diameter (mm) 63.5 (50)
Maximum Stroke (mm) 127
Approx. Discharge at About 75 Watt Input m3/h
at 10m Head 1.8
at 15m Head 1.3
at 20m Head 1.0
at 25m Head 0.9
at 30m Head 0.8
Pumping Lift (m) 10 – 30
Population Served (nos.) 300
Households (nos.) 30
Water Consumption (LPCD) 15 – 20
Type of Well Borehole


Pump Head Galvanized Steel
Handle Galvanized Steel
Pump Stand Galvanized Steel
Pump Rods Galvanized Steel
Riser Pipes Galvanized Iron Pipe
Pump Cylinder Cast Iron / Brass
Plunger / Foot Valve Brass

Local manufacturing

All “above ground components” have a potential for local manufacturing, the other parts need a high degree of quality control to ensure a reliable operation. The cost of the tooling requirement is substantial and therefore the number of manufacturer will be limited.


The installation of the INDIA Mark III Pump needs well-trained area mechanics or a mobile team with lifting tackle and comprehensive tool kit. Pump cylinder settings of more than 30 m are difficult, because of weight of the rising main.


This pump has an improved Community Management Potential” compared to the INDIA Mark II, because the “open top cylinder” gives the possibility of a simpler maintenance with less tools involved.

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