Superflow Bangladesh Treadle Pump

Superflow Treadle Pump in action
Superflow Treadle Pump in action, Bangladesh


A product from Ashoka Industries, India, takes a big step forward to provide maximum water for irrigation at the most cost effective rates every farmer can have lots and lots of water and this too without any effort. Whenever one needs water all he has to do is to install the Superflow Bangladesh Treadle Pump close to the spot of water, attach the hose pipe with Inlet and Outlet, start pedaling without much efforts right from the moment you exercise light pressure on pedal water starts flowing from Outlet.
For millions of farmers the Superflow Bangladesh Treadle Pump can bring sea change to their life as it provides them the ownership of water crucial for harvest. The Pump is more efficient, more affordable and most appropriate to the needs of farmers. Superflow Bangladesh Treadle Pump provides access to water, freeing farmers from vagaries of nature, electric and diesel supply and farmers increase their earning by 100-400 % in less than six months recovering the initial investment in one growing season. Superflow Bangladesh Treadle Pump enables the farmers to crop their harvest at all times round the year to fetch the best price.


Superflow Bangladesh Treadle Pump can be use to draw water from a river, shallow well, ponds and clogged water for irrigation.

Salient Features

Superflow Cycle Treadle Pump is the cheapest irrigation system currently available in the world. The entire pump is simple and easy to install maintainable by a child. Superflow Treadle Pump requires minimum maintenance and can be repaired by the user. Superflow Treadle Pump can also be used for draining waterlogged areas. Superflow Treadle Pump pushes water uphill, and over a flat ground it pushes water for 600 ft. It can push 5 sets of jet sprinklers. It is most useful for furrow, hose and drip irrigation.

Technical data

  • Operates on two barrels, plungers and treadle systems.
  • Operates by simple paddling and draw a large stream of water from and water force not more than 20ft. deep.
  • Can irrigate up to 1.5 acres land less than a day.
  • Can fill a 200 litres drum within four minutes.
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