Superflow Malawi Treadle Pump

Superflow Treadle Pump Structure


A product from Ashoka Industries, India, takes a big step forward to provide maximum water for irrigation at the most cost effective rates every farmer can have lots and lots of water and this too without any effort. Whenever one is required water all he has to do is to install the Superflow Malawi treadle Pump close to the spot of water, attach the hose pipe with Inlet and Outlet, start pedaling without much efforts right from the moment you exercise light pressure on pedal water starts flowing from Outlet.

Technical Data

Cylinder diameter 2Nos. 103mm
Maximum Strokes 100-350mm
Inlet Pipe 1.5” NB of OD 48mm
Outlet Pipe 1.5” NB of OD 48mm
Max. pumping rate 1.5 ltr/sec
6 meter 20 Feet min. section depth from below.
Pumping hight 8.00 M. 20 Feet max. above water level.

Performance Chart

Head in ft. 0 10 20 30 40 50
Disc. in Ltr. 100 75 50 30 25 20


Body Part Material Used
Pump Cylinder Galvanized Steel
Plunger Galvanized Steel
Non return valve PVC/Cast Iron
Pump bucket & flapper Nitryl Rubber
Treadle Hardwood/Steel
Frame Galvanized Steel
Pully Wood/Cast Iron
Rope Nylon/Steel
Base Wood/Galvanized Steel


Superflow Malawi Treadle Pump can be use to draw water from a river, shallow well, ponds and clogged water for irrigation.

Salient Features

Treadle pumps provide one of the best ways of using human power to lift water. Sizing of the components and careful design are essential to ensure that this is done in the most efficient manner. Pump output requirements of discharge and pressure must be matched with the mechanical components, such as the diameter of the pistons, their stroke length, the weight of the operator and the cadence – the frequency with which the treadles are pushed up and down.


Superflow Malawi Treadle Pump is a very simple device, farmers take the pump near to the water spot or boring and insert the inlet pipe into the water or boring and start paddling and water delivered from the outlet.

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